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From the live broadcast from Channel 12's helicopter:
"During a time of already significant panic among the people of New York...and indeed, the people of the world...we're reporting live from yet another escalating event. We're witnessing mass destruction on a scale unlike anything I've seen before. Rescue teams and civil authorities have been unable to evacuate danger zones quickly enough to avoid terrible casualties and riots are breaking out across the city, only adding to the disorder and confusion. The decimation of property...the potential loss of life...to call what I am seeing cataclysmic would not be an exaggeration. Reports are unconfirmed, but it appears that the source of this destruction is The Thing! The Future Foundation's Ben Grimm appears to have undergone a sudden and ghastly transformation...a mutation, perhaps...and he's rampaging through the city. It is unclear if this change in his physical form--this apparent change in his state of mind--is some further manifestation of his abnormal physiology or if this might be something else...perhaps, as some have already speculated, something contagious."

[OOC: Everything that occurs within the red velvet room is my own bit of canon. Most of all else is Marvel canon.]


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