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Lost in another dream, Ben wanders the deserted amusement park not quite knowing why he was there. Was this another initiation into the Yancy Street Gang or something else? And why did he feel like he should be taller, bigger?

The laughing clown stumbles into view only to fall and burst into pieces, springs and bolts flying.

Shadows shift and stutter into tentacle shapes that beckon and threaten.

He runs, scared of the silent echos of footfalls only to stumble and fall into a deep shadow. His body suddenly grows heavy, too heavy to lift. He can barely breath through the coughing and the weight of his chest. His muscles stretch and tear, growing. Then there is a cold fire stab of pain in his right hand, a hand now covered in rock. He looks and sees a giant hammer and feels himself fall into the fear again.

Ben starts awake, panting and still feeling the burn of the hammer in his hand. He takes a moment to catch his breath before he stands and heads for the door. He has to leave Milliways before whatever the hell that thing is in the forest wakes Angrir.


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