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 Ben doesn't expect to sleep but he's so worn out, he has to try anyway. Laying there for what feels like hours, coughing and wondering if he should just give up and read a book...

His mom is yelling at his dad again and his dad, as usual, is drunk. His father yells back, stumbling up to stand, and his hand pulls back. His mom pushes him, not giving him the chance to even try and hit her. Ben knows he needs to stop this but his older brother, Daniel holds him by the shoulders keeping him from running in.

His eight year old body struggles against the hands that hold him while his father stumbles back towards the fire escape. "Let me go!" he yells out as the doorbell rings and his father barely catches himself on the windowsill.

His mom shakes her head in disgust and crosses the room to answer the door. Ben notices Daniel's fingers are long and skinny, too long. [Deep in his sleep, Ben rolls over and struggles against what's coming; tearing his blanket.]

The police are at the door and his mother smiles. "We're sorry about the noise, officers. We'll keep it down." She says in the age old lie.

"Ma'am, is everything alright?" the younger officer asks, looking uncomfortable and worried.

"Of course it is. My husband and I were just arguing."

"Ma'am...Mrs. Grimm," the older officer says with a stoic expression. "I'm afraid we've got some bad news for you. Your son, Daniel has been shot."

That's not right, dream Ben thinks. Daniel's right here. He turns, looks up and screams at the tall slender man whose faceless head brushes the ceiling.

Ben starts awake, the scream still echoing in his throat and swallows. Maybe he'll do without sleep.


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