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And so one of the four has fallen and Ben could only watch.

The last time a member of the F4 died (funny enough it was Ben) Reed invented a device, based on Dr. Doom's tech, which allowed the remaining members to go to the gates of Heaven and get Ben back. Fortunately the Creator agreed to this but did magic Creator things to make the device never work again. And thus Ben was brought back to life. He is in fact the only Marvel character ever to be brought back to life with the Big C's approval, that is just how awesome Ben is.

Anyway, plot ideas have been stewing for sometime in my head and so I present the basics of Knocking on Heaven's Door:
1) Ben takes the plans for the device Reed created and brings them to Miliways to find someone to rebuild and modify the device so he can go and get Johnny back.

2) Ben assembles a team of willing individuals, arms them with Reed tech and goes to Heaven. He isn't going to risk anymore members of the Fantastic Four (especially since the only other members are parents) in this venture as angels are likely to try and stop the group. Exactly how much fighting there is or how deadly the fighting is can be decided before hand.

3) Ben faces Johnny who convinces him to give up this whole thing and let go. Can't interfere with canon too much right? Plus Ben just doesn't have Reed's ego in deciding what's right.

So what would I need? At the minimum, one genius (Jordon Kennedy? Ray Stantz?) and a couple of gunmen (Gene Hunt? Fi? Tanya?). What I would love would be an angel (Earl or Castiel?) or Deity (Demeter?) to try and dissuade Ben from this plan. Ben will of course ignore their advice but it would add drama to the whole thing.

This is month's away from happening as I want to make sure Marvel isn't already planning on something like this. Since this is months away it is likely to change as well but I wanted to get the basic idea out there.


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