Oct. 17th, 2012

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 The paperback of War and Peace slipped out of Ben's grasp as the sleep he had been avoiding finally took him and he dreamed.

"Okay Benjy, you wanna be in the gang, ya have ta spend the night in the Warehouse," Micky, the leader of the Yancy Street Gang was saying as the rest of the gang shoved Ben towards the abandoned building everyone knew was haunted. Ben tried his best to stay brave but he had been expecting a beating not this. 

"Fine, I can take whatevers ya can dish out!" He declared though he wanted to run, especially when the alley cat yowled. Several of the gang did jump but Ben managed not to.

Jamie, the most recent member pulled open the board of the fence while Tommy gave a mock bow, "After yous." Ben ducked through the fence and the board slammed shut. He stood there, gathering his courage and clenched his fists before stepping forward. He could do this, he knew he could. It'd just be a few hours and then they'd know he was a tough guy and they could count on him.

The fog grew and made a good try at hiding the warehouse but Ben knew where the door was. Once last look at the sliver of moon and then back to the door with a gulp and Ben stepped forward only to whip around towards the figure he knew he saw out of the corner of his eye. But nothing was there. Shaking his head, he scowled. So they thought they could scare him? Pretend to be ghosts? Fat lotta good it'd do them.

The hinges creaked as he forced the door open and he nearly screamed when he felt something brush on the back of his neck and he spun again but nothing was there. He saw all the graffiti though, the circles with the x's and couldn't shake the feeling he knew them or that they were somehow watching him. He shook his head again laughing at himself. Idiot.

Fifteen minutes later and he can't get the feeling of being watched out of his head. Shadows continue to reach for him and cobwebs always seem to wrap around him. He's coughing too and has decided to hide in an office for the night. If he doesn't wander, nothing can find him right? He found an old desk and curling up in the hollow below, he's almost comfortable. His eyes close as he suddenly feels drowsy but snap open when he hears the office door creak open slowly and whisper of footfalls tantalize.


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