Mar. 13th, 2012

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Angrir turns to follow Spider-Man as he swings through the sky, his tread heavy and sure.

Milliways! There's Gods there! If anyone can stop this, they'd be there!

Angrir pauses, considering...then throws his hammer at a door to open the way and steps through the broken doorway. On the streets people peek from around corners and door ways in fear, waiting for the building to collapse. Seconds pass and then suddenly Angrir comes flying out of the doorway and smashes into the building opposite which collapses on top him. He stands, shakes himself off and continues on his way.
Meanwhile in the crowded E.R. waiting room at New York General, Spider-Man is on his last leg. He's been fighting and rescuing and feeling like he was the only sane person in a world that has gone crazy but he got the pregnant lady to the doctors and everything will be alright now.

Then the wall of the front entrance explods in a blast of energy and in walks...

"Is that...?" the doctor asks.

"Thing? Ben?" Spider-Man begs as the monster strode towards him. The waiting room froze until, as one, the people ran screaming in panic. Spider-Man just stood there however as the hopelessness of it all was just too much. Angrir cocks back the hammer to strike and...

"Spider-Man?! MOVE!" The doctor yells and suddenly his body is working again. He leaps clear of the strike, just barely.

"Ben! We all have our cranky days, but this is a little much," he quips, falling on old habits. "We can talk this out, buddy. I will need my head to do that though." He adds as Angrir continues to swing. "Look alive!" He says, turning a dodge into a shove at a frozen bystander. "And clear this place out!"

"This is have to get him out of here!" The doctor yells as she punches the elevator button over and over in panic while covering the injured mother on the gurney from debris.

"Working on it!" Spider-Man yells back as the vital signs monitor he had just used as an impromptu dismount was hit by the hammer and went flying towards the doctor and patient to explode against the side of the elevator. "NO!" Spider-Man yells and hits Angrir full on in the forehead. Angrir doesn't even flinch but hits him back to send him flying.

"Spider-Man! We can't get upstairs, we have to do this here," the doctor calls out, pulling out the paddles as the expectant mother's heart has stopped. "I need more time!"

"Ben...BEN!" Spider-Man calls out to be a target and hope to get through whatever is wrong with Ben. His hand feels like it is broken and he tries his best not to flex it. "Listen to can beat this. Whatever's got you. Whatever's happened to can beat it." He takes a step forward as Angrir's attack falters. "You're one of the best people I know. You're not going to hurt anyone. Come on, can do this."

"Spider-Man..." Angrir replies, "Die."
Fifteen minutes later, Spider-Man has fought off his attack and came close to finishing him but didn't have the guts to do it. Angrir needed a more worthy opponent and so he left the weak hero to find a Hulk. He finds the Red Hulk outside of Avengers Tower.

"Make it stop!!"
"It's Ben Grimm--It's the Thing!!!"
"We need medics over here, someone call--"
"The Thing?! Never! He wouldn't--"
"Take Cover--"
"He's lost it!"

"Drop the hammer and lay on the ground." The Red Hulk commands.

"Do you really think that's the way this is going to go?" Angrir asks with a smile as he turns and charges.

"I had to ask," the Red Hulk replies before leaping to meet Angrir's charge. Bystanders are knocked to their feet as the two titans clash, each fist strike like dynamite. Even the ground shudders in sympathy as Angrir clotheslines Red Hulk with the hammer and then hammer slaps him. A punch to the stomach and then a backhand to the jaw. Red Hulk finally recovers to kidney punch Angrir before grasping the hammer and hitting Angrir with it.

It is a valiant fight but five minutes later, Avengers Tower falls atop Red Hulk. When the dust and debris settle, Angrir stands triumphant. His triumph is short lived as the starfish shriek the Serpents commands. The Odinson has been found!


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