Feb. 20th, 2012

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One week ago...Sin, the daughter of the Red Skull, discovers a secret Nazi project from WW2 and begins a hunt for the ultimate weapon in order to conquer the world as her father failed to do.

Two days ago...Sin unearths the Hammer of Skadi at a secret Thule Society research facility deep in the Arctic wastes. When she grasps the hammer she becomes possessed by the goddess Skadi and sets about to free her father, a primordial Norse deity only know as the Serpent whose power centered on fear.

36 hours ago...Ben Grimm woke from the return of a disturbing dream, a dream in which he kills the other members of the Fantastic Four after their crash landing with his bare hands in revenge. He confesses this dream to Susan Richards and can't help the fear that part of him is capable of such a hideous act.

24 hours ago...Skadi frees the Serpent from his deep sea prison. The Serpent calls to his Worthy, the generals who fought with him before. In New York, a peaceful protest turns violent as someone hurls a brick at Steve Rogers.

18 hours ago...Deep Space telescopes chart incoming celestial objects heading for Earth.

12 hours ago...Ben walks out of the Baxter Building intending to take a few days off from his family and the villains Reed has invited into their home.

6 hours ago...Ben has tea with Alicia. Alicia tells Ben he has nothing to fear.

2 hours ago...Reed calls Ben as one of the seven recorded celestial objects which came from deep space has landed at the heart of Yancy Street. Thinking Ben would want a hand in investigating some thing which could be a threat, Reed invites Ben along. Ben agrees.


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