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[OOC: *This comic never existed and all the following is my canon.]

Ben stands at the edge of the broken office building and looks out at the city. From ten stories up he can see an awful lot and he doesn't like what he sees; fires in a few places, looting, screaming and general mayhem and if that weren't enough, giant robots with the swastika are advancing. Part of him looks at it all with shame and guilt, part of him looks at the whole thing like troop movements, and part of him looks to see where help is needed the most but all of him burns with an anger more potent than phosphorus. He also notes the grouping of Avengers nearby on the ground and decides to head there with Franklin and Val. He needs to find them protection before he can go hunting for the Serpent and any other "Worthy" he can find. He feels it then, the Serpents' power flares and his palace, his center of power appears; a castle floating above the Lower East Side.

"Huh, don't see that everyday," Ben says. "Let's get down there." He turns and heads towards the stairs, the elevator would be quicker but he doubts the safety of it given the damage the building has taken. Franklin and Val follow him and pause with him when he stops at the hammer.

"You should leave it," Franklin suggests.

"And risk some other schmuck picking' it up? Not likely," Ben replies reaching for it.

"But what if…" Val starts to ask.

"Ain't nothin' ta worry about kids. I ain't got no fear left in me but I got plenty o' pissed."

It takes them five minutes to make it down the stairs and join the Avengers at what remains of Avengers Tower. He can feel the Serpent is gone but his influence remains, fear so strong you can taste it. The people needed help, that much was clear and yet the Avengers were guarding a pile of ruble.

"What in the dad blamed Sam Hill are you guys doin'?" Ben shouted by way of greeting. Several of the Avengers immediately went on guard and Ms. Marvel turned as if to blast him so he dropped the hammer and held up his hands. "It's me…really me."

"Stand down everyone!" Luke Cage yells and hurries forward to Ben. "Thank God, you're free."

"Thank Franklin ya mean. What's goin' on?" Ben asks grimly.

"Stark's in Asgard making weapons we can use, Cap's in Oklahoma chasing after the Serpent and we're making sure either one can get to where they need to go."

"So no one's protectin' the city?!?" Ben asks incredulously.

"We only have so much resources," Ms. Marvel says. "If Cap and Iron Man don't succeed, we all fail."

"So ya give up what yer fightin' fer ta win? THAT"S DAD BLAMED BULL!"

"Woah Ben, calm down. Carol is right. We can only do so much."

"Fuck that. City ain't falling while I got breath. You yahoos stay here and play general's solders, I'm takin' the fight where it's needed." Ben turns and walks off with the kids leaving some very confused Avengers behind.

"Grimm, take care of those kids first!" Wolverine calls out just as Ben turns a corner. He waves a hand in reply.

"What was all that?" Jewel asks.

"Man's lost it all," Luke answers with a hint of grief. "He thinks he's got nothin' left."

"He's walking death's road. I just hope he let's the kids off." Wolverine adds.

"What the hell?!?!" Spider-woman says. "Why are we letting him go?"

"Man's got a right...especially after what happened." Wolverine replies.

"We don't have the time to hold Grimm's hand and guard this. Man wants to go out, I can't stop him right now. Best to give him free reign so he'll get the kids to safety first."

"Thank you for reminding me that all men are insane," Jewel says shaking her head but staying where she is.

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