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[Day 08, in which even the Fantastic Four's worst enemy pays tribute to Johnny Storm; pages one and two.]
[Day 14, in which Ben get's out of the house.]
"Let's pounce on them!" Luke Cage says as they all sit waiting on the roof of a Bed, Bath & Beyond in Maine as the sun goes down. Ben had been glad to hear from Luke for a chance of some action to distract him from his grief but a stakeout was not what he had in mind.

"Luke Cage; impatient man," Jessica Jones, the hero formally know as Jewel, replies.

"Really." Ms. Marvel agrees.

"I'm with Cage," Ben adds already bored with waiting. He needed action not sitting around. Sitting around thinking is all he's been doing for weeks now.

"You used to be a private eye, Jessica; you're used to doing a stakeout," Danny, aka Iron Fist, points out.

"I love a stakeout. This is the best part."

"The best part is the clobbering," Ben deadpans.

"Hold on...shhh..." Wolverine hisses.

"What's going on, Logan?" Luke asks.

"Shhh, means SHHH!!!"

"Avengers...I am broadcasting live from Barrington, Rhode Island," they each hear as Mockingbird reports on their bluetooth head sets.

"Is there movement?" Luke asks into his earpiece.

"Oh there's movement," she replies. "We have some truly scary-looking human growth hormone experiments moving all their stuff in."

As they had been talking Ben was watching the trucks come in and the guys begin to unload some stuff that looked very high tech and heavy experimental equipment; not quite like Reed's but definitely along the same lines, maybe AIM? As the talking continued (arguing about when to spring the trap and the legality of when), Ben clenched his fists open and closed, getting more and more impatient. He didn't care about technicalities like legal search and seizures. These guys were ex-Hammer agents trying to set up shop, that was enough for him. Finally he can't take the debating any more.

"But they're going to. That's why we're here." Luke is saying to Jessica.

"But they haven't done anything yet," she replies.

"But they are. Do ya know how I know?" Ben interrupts.

"No," Jessica says startled a bit by Ben's interruption; he had been so quiet up until then.

"Watch this," he says and does a passable impression of one of the Hulk's leaps towards the building the ex-HAMMER agents are using.

Back on the Bed, Bath and Beyond's roof, Wolverine says, sarcastically, "Okay, he'll distract them."; while Spider-man says, "Guess what time it is?"

Ben crashes through the roof yelling, "It's Clobberin' Time!" to land in the middle of a bunch of startled toughs with extra bulging muscles. He cracks his knuckles and looks around. "Who's first?"
Thirty minutes later at the nearest hospital...

"Code Blue! Code Blue!" one of the doctors working to save Mockingbird yells as they rush to surgery, fighting to stabilize her.

"What do we do, Doc?" Spider-man asks Dr. Strange numbly.

"There's...there's nothing we can do here."

"We should call her ex-husband," Ben says gruffly. How was he going to tell Clint he may have gotten his ex-wife killed? Why did he rush into that fight before everyone was ready? Is another hero going to die because of him? Maybe it was time to hang up the tights before he got anyone else killed. If he did that, though, what else did he have?
[Day 26, in which Johnny reaches out from the grave to try and help Ben; pages one, two, three, four and five.]
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